Next Generation Investments

We offer the intelligence to find or create valuable audiences, the power to engage them most effectively and efficiently, and the ability to create desired marketing outcomes

Where We Invest

We are primarily focused on opportunities generated in the ecosystem of sports, entertainment and technology with a mission of making authentic connections with audiences through our portfolio

Our Focus

We invest in people, content, technology and data to drive its subsidiary businesses, providing intelligence to find or create valuable audiences and successful outcomes.

How We Invest

We provide the team, expertise, global network, infrastructure, and funding to enable recording artists to achieve the full potential of their music releases and brand value around the globe through many verticals.

By The Numbers

Cup of Coffee
Live Performances
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We are One

We partner with founders, owners, and management teams to build authentic entertainment properties and brands that create lasting value

Our Values

We are differentiated by our core values which guide us, shape our high-performing culture, and help us make decisions.

Our Philosophy

We firmly believe that Cultural Capital is the most powerful creation of financial capital

A Taste of What We Do

Circa Presents 1994 Concert Series

Our Founders

Featured Investments

Featured Investments

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